Monday, April 27, 2009

Rethinking Stereotypes

LiturgyGeek's post from prom 2009 is a "Spot of Good News."

Here's what I find interesting...and maybe there's a sociologist that can study this one and get back to me. My good friend LiturgyGeek grew up in California. I grew up in rural southwest Iowa. She's ten years younger than I am. She grew up with two moms. I didn't even know what being gay meant until I was 15 years old because our town was pretty insulated and it just wasn't obvious to me.

My stereotype of LiturgyGeek - California, New York, Berkeley... and what I know about her life experiences so far gives me a picture of a progressive, liberal woman who actively works for civil rights and social justice.

A stereotype of me is pretty much stalwart Midwesterner...Iowa, University of Iowa, Omaha, back to Iowa... never lived anywhere else, never really wanted to. But, I also see myself as a progressive, liberal woman doing what I can to support civil rights and social justice.

The difference is that we expect it from someone who has lived life on the coasts in urban areas...we don't expect it from someone who has lived squarely in the middle of corn, soybeans, and pigs.

Isn't it interesting that today in Iowa, same-sex couples can legally get married and in California, that window was open ever so briefly last year and is now (hopefully temporarily) closed.


LiturgyGeek said...

Well-done! And yes, the "irony" of all this makes me so glad I am now an Iowan! And, of course, it is the rare combination of progressiveness and commitment to Christianity in a small Midwestern town that so attracted me to our church.

Laura said...

That, and the killer cheeseburgers.

LiturgyGeek said...

LOL indeed!