Friday, January 16, 2009

A National Holiday?

Shouldn't Inauguration Day be a national holiday? Maybe it is and I just didn't get it in my work schedule. MSNBC asks me, "Where will you be when Barack Obama is sworn in as the nation's 44th President?" And I have to reply, "At work...with the rest of us who are still hanging on to our jobs."

I've never heard of house parties, open houses, and inauguration day brunches like I have this year. And I am going to miss all the fun! I'm still going to wear my spiffy Obama campaign button earrings that my pal gave me. Although, I don't think they will fly at my morning job. They will work for my afternoon job when I'm on God's payroll. (thanks Liturgy Geek for that reference!)

At Sunday School this week, we'll be celebrating the United Church of Christ's long heritage of social justice. Honoring the 80th anniversary of Rev. Dr. ML King and the historic inauguration of one of our own, Barack Obama. (We know that you had no other choice, Barack and Michelle. You are still UCC as far we're concerned.)

What are you doing to mark this amazing alignment of the stars? I feel like wearing red, white, and blue again, but will choose rainbow colors because it's got to be about more than just US right now. We have to finally take our place as citizens of the world.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Zen Habits and the Power of Less

A few months ago, I stumbled upon a blog, Zen Habits, written by Leo Babauta. Check it out if you have any interest in living better with less...less stuff, less stress, less anxiety about what lies ahead.

I like the way Leo writes and I like his philosophy on life. You might too.

The Frozen View

Wow. It is really cold. Well, for Iowa anyway. It's been a while since I've posted and I've just not been inspired to write a post. Maybe my inspiration is frozen or it has left me for a long overdue winter vacation to Fiji or Florida. I should be so lucky.

So far, my New Year's "intentions" are going well. I sacrificed a fitness class tonight for a haircut. I do have my priorities.

How are your New Year's resolutions/new habits/intentions coming along? Still on track?