Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's Complicated

My good friend Anne issues an open invitation to the movies when something good comes along...She sends an email to all her women friends with the title of the movie, the day and time of the show, and a review from Rotten Tomatoes. The last movie was "Julie and Julia." I'm not a big movie person, but I enjoy going to the movies on Anne's movie-a-long. I think it is because we have a good time as a group of women, just meeting at the movies.

Today's movie was "It's Complicated." And the theater was filled with women of all ages... Only about four men in the place. I saw an 80 year old PEO sister, women from my church, all generations delighting in watching a gorgeous middle-aged Meryl Streep as the object of desire of two men... There just aren't a lot of movies like this one. And rated R to boot!

The best part was enjoying it, giggling, laughing, crying, and resonating with the emotions on the screen with a room full of women...reveling in a wonderfully funny movie, that celebrated middle-age love and S.E.X. (wink, wink)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Colder than a....

Today's view from the porch is COLD.

It is ridiculously cold here. I laughed at the sports commentators covering bowl games in Florida talking about how cold it was there...

"Wow! It's only 56 degrees out here, JB! "

"I know! I wanted to take my family to the beach yesterday, and jeez, it was freezing!"

So, it was anywhere from -12 to -20 degrees (yes, Fahrenheit) this morning.

I suspect someone in International Falls, MN is making fun of me right now.